Monday, September 16, 2013

Why the Idea of a "Free Market" Is Total BS

Why the Idea of a "Free Market" Is Total BS | Alternet
One of the most deceptive ideas continuously sounded by the Right wing is that the "free market" is natural and inevitable. So whatever inequality or insecurity it generates is beyond our control. And whatever ways we might seek to reduce inequality or insecurity -- to make the economy work for us -- are unwarranted constraints on the market's freedom, and will inevitably go wrong.
By this view, if some people aren't paid enough to live on, the market has determined they aren't worth enough. If others rake in billions, they must be worth it. If millions of Americans remain unemployed or their paychecks are shrinking or they work two or three part-time jobs with no idea what they'll earn next month or next week, that's too bad; it's just the outcome of the market.

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