Friday, February 28, 2014

A WayTo Solve America’s Curriculum Problem?

Ideas To Solve America’s Curriculum Problem

Wouldn’t it make far more sense if schools got their general
education expectations out of the way in an hour or so, then identified
and grouped the math whizzes, the mechanically inclined, the artists,
the writers, those involved in projects, and so on, assigned teachers to
the groups, and let them go as far as they can go as fast as they can

Education is long overdue for what business types sometimes
call “disruptive innovation," but the bureaucratic depth and complexity
of systems of public education, and simplistic policies set by amateurs
in state legislatures and Congress, block real innovation. My suggested
status quo-accommodating tweak is an easy sell to a great many
experienced educators, but it isn’t being tried because present
conceptions of “reform” are so narrow and rigid, and failure to fall in
line is so certain to trigger a punitive response. 

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