Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Global Rankings Study Shows Current State of U.S.

Global Rankings Study Depicts an America in Warp Speed Decline | Alternet

April 8, 2014
 |   If America needed a reminder that it is fast becoming a second-rate
nation, and that every economic policy of the Republican Party is
wrongheaded, it got one this week with the release of the Social Progress Index (SPI). While the U.S. enjoys the second highest per capita GDP of $45,336, it
ranks in an underperforming 16th place overall. It gets worse. The U.S.
ranks 70th in health, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic
education, 34th in access to water and sanitation and 31st in personal
safety....Not a single U.S. city is included in the world’s top 10 most livable cities. ... the U.S. remains in first place for the number of incarcerated citizens
per capita, adult onset diabetes and for believing in angels.

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