Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Charter Schools Fraud and Abuse?

Charter Schools are Cheating Your Kids: Report Reveals Massive Fraud, Mismanagement, Abuse | Alternet

There’s a  new report highlighting the predictable perils of turning education into a poorly regulated business.  It “found fraud, waste and abuse cases totaling over $100 million in
losses to taxpayers,” but warned that due to inadequate oversight, “the
fraud and mismanagement that has been uncovered thus far might be just
the tip of the iceberg.”
While there are plenty of other troubling issues surrounding charter schools—from  high rates of racial segregation, to their  lackluster overall performance records, to questionable admission and expulsion practices—this
report sets all those admittedly important issues aside to focus
squarely on activity that appears it could be criminal, and arguably
totally out of control.

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